Coating anti-mildew, preservation principle

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That they both by which principle to achieve mold and corrosion protection?

Coating anti-corrosion by the chemical principle and the physical principle so as to achieve anti-corrosion effect, anti-corrosion chemical principle is to neutralize harmful acid and alkali substances into neutral harmless substances to protect the material within the anti-corrosion coating from corrosive substances.

The physical principle of anticorrosion is to anticorrosive coating and some harmful substances with different densities, etc. will be protected from the outside corrosive materials. Coating anti-mildew chemical principle is anti-mildew cation with a positive charge, mold bacteria with a negative charge. As long as the bacteria come into contact with the cations, they will be electrocuted and die.













The ethoxylated amine antistatic agent has the following general structural formula:
Ethoxylated amine antistatic agents are generally prepared by adducting fatty primary amines and ethylene oxide. The addition number of ethylene oxide is generally controlled between 1 and 3. The representative species is polyoxyethylene alkylamine. This product is a brown viscous liquid, fully soluble in water, benzene, and polar solvents. Used for electrostatic spraying, it can reduce resistance, save or replace the polar solvent diacetone alcohol. In the mixed solvent of dimethyl and butanol (7:3), the addition amount is about 3%. 4. Ethoxylated fatty amide antistatic agent

Ethoxylated fatty amide antistatic agent is actually the addition product of fatty amide and ethylene oxide, and its general structural formula is expressed as:
(R is an alkyl group above Cu) The addition reaction is similar to the ethoxylated alkylamine antistatic agent, which is obtained by the addition of fatty amide and ethylene oxide under the action of a basic catalyst.
(R is an alkyl group above Cm, p+q=n) When m=n=1, the ethoxylated fatty amide exhibits an alkanolamide structure, that is
The representative variety of CH:CH:OH alkanolamide is N,N-bis(hydroxyethyl)stearylamide, fischer-tropsch wax quote and its structural formula is:
Cir Has CN
CH: CH: OH This product can be widely used in coatings and plastics. When used in coatings, the surface of the coating will not be flowery, sticky or oily, and will not affect the printability. The KJ-210 series products developed by the Shanxi Province Chemical Industry Research Institute belong to this type of compound.


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