Determination of color of paint product performance

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The determination of paint color, should be determined according to GB/T 1722-1992 (varnish, varnish and thinner color determination method). For paint products without pigment or without pigment, such as varnish, varnish, lacquer and thinner, etc., is to check the shade of its original color, that is, the specimen is compared with the iron drill colorimeter, which is similar to the color of the iron drill colorimeter, the color of a certain color scale solution, that is, the representative or proof is the color of the specimen, expressed by the number.















It is directly synthesized from boric acid or boric acid ester, long-chain aliphatic diol and glycerin.
It is prepared by direct reaction of stearic acid monoglyceride (GMS), glycerin and boric acid ester.
A hydrophilic group (ethylene oxide adduct chain). The antistatic agent of this structure has excellent antistatic properties and thermal stability, and has little dependence on humidity. Regarding the classification of surfactant ion types and antistatic agents.

Application of antistatic agent in coating
Generally speaking, mixing antistatic agents in the paint can improve the antistatic effect of the paint. In the coating application of home appliances and auto parts, it is very important to fischer tropsch wax suppliers make the surface of the coating film antistatic. In addition, TV cabinet panels (ABS resin or polycarbonate) and lamps (acrylic resin) can be coated with antistatic coatings to achieve the purpose of continuous anti-fouling.

The antistatic agent for coating should meet the following requirements:
①The antistatic effect is good, and the surface resistance can be significantly reduced when the humidity is very small, for example, below 15%;
②Good thermal stability;
③Long-lasting antistatic effect, no blooming on the surface, no stickiness or oiliness, and not easy to be washed off;
④ It has good compatibility with the film-forming matrix and is easy to disperse in the polymer;
⑤It does not affect the other properties of the coating, such as not making the coating film yellow, not accelerating the decomposition of the polymer, and not affecting the printability of the coating film;
⑥ Inexpensive.


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