Application of Wax Emulsion in Leather Finishing

2022-03-08   Pageview:612

Leather is loved by the public, and the rise of leather products has promoted the development of leather-related fields. In order to improve the quality of leather products, the requirements for chemical products used in leather are also increasing. When chemical products are applied to it, it is required to make the leather light, thin, soft, silky, strong leather, firm in dyeing, and waterproof, antifouling, lightfast, and washable.

Leather chemicals can generally be divided into five categories: tanning agents, fatliquors, finishing agents, special auxiliaries, and special dyes. They are a class of fine chemical products with great development prospects. To give leather products the above-mentioned quality properties, to a certain extent, depends on the chemical materials used in the tanning process. Therefore, suitable chemical materials play an important role in improving leather quality, shortening production cycle and simplifying process.

In leather finishing agent, wax emulsion is a very important component, which can effectively improve the leather feel and improve the comprehensive performance of leather.

Wax emulsion CE-11, the wax film formed in the application process has good gloss, high hardness, good hand feeling, and excellent durability, which can replace expensive animal wax emulsion. It is widely used in leather, floor, automobile, furniture, paper, textile and other fields. It is also used in the preservation of fruits and vegetables. It does not need to be heated and melted or dissolved in organic solvents. Its film formation is uniform, its coverage is good, it has the commonality of waterproof and lubrication, and it has characteristics such as oiliness, viscosity, brittleness, toughness, meltability and gloss. It is easy to use. Use in combination with other substances in aqueous solution or emulsion. The coating has a strong lubricity, which can enhance the leather feel of the leather coating, and is more suitable for soft leather finishing.


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