What are latex glove release agents made of?

2022-01-03   Pageview:773

Latex glove release agent can be used on smooth and non-smooth glove molds for applications where glove exterior is non-stick and grip is very important. It avoids the phenomenon of gloves treated with chlorine and powder that are too smooth on the surface and dislodge the gripping items. It also facilitates the release of latex-impregnated products and rolled edges. This product has excellent release and anti-stick effects with a smooth surface.

Physical properties

1. Appearance: white liquid.

2. PH value: 10-13.

  Application range

Natural latex or synthetic latex gloves, finger covers, paper lubricant.

Use of methods

1. Dry the ceramic mold at 70 degrees after cleaning.

2. Immerse in the solution of coagulant and TF-1250 water-based mold release agent (content 2%-5%) and keep it for 10-20 seconds.

3. The mold is dried and immersed in natural latex at room temperature for 20-30 seconds after powdered water immersion.

4. The surface of the glove after the vulcanized double-sided treatment has good lubrication and anti-adhesive properties.


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