Product index of 4101 paint dry film anti-mildew agent

2021-10-15   Pageview:690

Appearance: Milky white dispersion Solids
Content: > 50%
Density: 1.000-1.100g/ml (25℃)
Moisture: < 10%














It should be noted that not all combinations can have complementary and synergistic effects. Whether the compound can play a complementary and synergistic effect depends on the test and actual use results.

Selection of preservatives, anti-fungal agents and anti-algae agents
The principle of choosing preservatives, antifungal agents and algae inhibitors is high efficiency, low toxicity, broad spectrum, compatibility, stability, long-lasting and cost performance. Firstly, look at the composition of preservatives, anti-fungal agents and anti-algae agents, and secondly look at the concentration of their effective components, and then ask the price. Generally choose a compound preservative and an anti-mildew and anti-algae agent with at least two active components.

The amount of preservatives, anti-fungal agents and anti-algae agents in the paint should be such that the concentration of active ingredients is at least equal to or greater than the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC). If it is compounded and has a synergistic effect, it shall be determined according to the MIC after compounding. Comparison of MIC of four commonly used antifungal agents.

Generally speaking, based on the quality of the whole formula, the preservative is 0.1%~0.3%, and the anti-mold and anti-algae agent is 0.3%~1.2%. Specifically, it is determined through experiments based on the bacteria contained in the raw materials, the concentration of the effective components in the preservatives and antifungal agents, the temperature the coating is subjected to, the pH value of the product and the condition of the redox agent contained in the product, and the product requirements. At the same time, it should be noted that the selected preservatives and anti-fungal agents are stable in the coating system to ensure that the preservatives and interflon wax ptfe anti-fungal agents (algae inhibitors) last for a long time.

According to reports [3, 21 European and American companies’ tests on preservatives show that adding 0.1% to 0.2% of CM IT/MIT+ formaldehyde-releasing preservatives can achieve the purpose of preservatives.
In production, preservatives and anti-mildew and anti-algae agents are usually added at the beginning of the grinding and dispersing stage of pigments and fillers to inhibit or kill bacteria in water and raw materials. For preservatives, mildew and algae inhibitors with poor thermal stability, they should be added in the post-lacquer stage to prevent the pigments and fillers from being decomposed and become invalid when the temperature is too high during the grinding and dispersion of the pigments and fillers.


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