Features of silica gel matting agent

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Coating matting agent should have the following characteristics.
Easy dispersion.
Good matting performance, low addition amount can produce strong matting performance.
Low interference with the transparency of the coating film.
Low impact on the mechanical and chemical properties of the coating film.
Good suspension in liquid coatings, can be stored for a long time without hard precipitation.
Low influence on the rheology of the coating.
High chemical inertness.












Coating additives
Application performance As in some of the examples mentioned above, green surfactants are often used to compare with standard chemical structure surfactants.

1. Vinyl acetate/butyl acrylate system
Vinyl acetate/butyl acrylate system is widely used as a low-VOC adhesive in the coating field. The following will discuss the effects of different nonionic surfactants as the main emulsifiers in the system, amide wax quality and compare the new generation of environmentally friendly Dispo nil AFX series surfactants, traditional alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ethers and second-generation fats. Alcohol polyoxyethylene ether.

Non-ionic surfactant (100% active substance) deionized water
The experimental results of the formulation are summarized in Table 1-5. The table compares the new generation of 40EO nonionic surfactant with the well-known octylphenol + 40EO, and also compares the synthetic fatty alcohol + 40EO. The data shows that the particle size of the emulsion made by OP-40 is slightly smaller than the emulsion made by the new generation of surfactants, but the particle size can be effectively controlled by adjusting the concentration of the surfactant. The new generation of surfactants produced emulsions with less residue, good mechanical stability, electrolyte stability and freeze-thaw stability. These data indicate that the new generation of emulsifiers is an excellent substitute, which can completely replace alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ethers and synthetic fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ethers in the vinyl acetate/butyl acrylate system.


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