How To Deal With Uneven Coloring Of Color Masterbatch

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What should I do if the coloring material product is unevenly colored? The decisive factors affecting the quality of pigments are formula components, matrix resin, toner, additives (dispersant, whitening agent, gloss agent, stabilizer), etc., and there are interactions among these factors. It has different effects on chromaticity, color difference, dispersion, mechanical properties, etc.

1. Uneven diffusion:
Main reasons: ① uneven mixing; ② inappropriate temperature; ③ poor compatibility between color and raw materials; ④ poor plasticizing effect of the plastic machine itself;
Treatment method: fully stir, adjust the temperature properly, replace the toner or raw materials, change to other machines for production, and adjust the ratio of toner input.
2. Frequent material breakage:
Main reasons: ①The temperature is incorrect; ②The affinity of raw materials is poor; ③The dispersion of color is too poor; ④The proportion of color is too high.
Treatment method: adjust the temperature more accurately, replace the raw materials used, replace the toner with good dispersion, and reduce the proportion of toner used.
3. The color changes:
Main reasons: ① The base color of the raw materials used is not consistent; ② The plastic machine is not cleaned; ③ The toner or toner used has low temperature resistance, and the color will disappear when the temperature is too high; ④ The feeding door is not cleaned and dried ⑤The processing technology is changed; ⑤Color masterbatch or toner itself has color difference;

Treatment method: Use raw materials with the same color as that used when making boards and adjust the matching ratio of water outlet materials; thoroughly clean and dry the molding machine, feeding door and mixer; Toner or toner of consistent color, using a stable process.

Tianshi Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax)can improve the fluidity and dispersibility of pigments during processing; can effectively improve the coloring ability of pigments in pigments; and can improve the surface gloss of pigmented products.


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