Application of PC anti-mold and anti-bacterial agent

2021-10-16   Pageview:610

PC anti-mold agent is widely used in all kinds of plastics, polyurethane and other polymer materials, such as shoe soles, rubber sticks, artificial leather, floor leather, automotive interior parts, construction sealants, silicone adhesives, PVC, PP, ABS and coatings.












With the development of the modern coating industry, the development and application of anti-cratering and leveling agents have become increasingly important. Medium and high-end coatings, water-based coatings, powder coatings, etc., formulated with binders such as polyurethane resins, epoxy resins, amino resins, short oil alkyd resins, and oil-free polyester resins, have high surface tension and are more likely to produce coatings. The defects of the membrane have also promoted the rapid development of the development and application of anti-cratering and leveling agents to the breadth and depth. Foreign researchers have done a lot of work in this field, discussing the principle and application effect of anti-cratering and leveling agents from theoretical derivation and practical application. Foreign paint additives manufacturers also continue to introduce improved or new varieties to meet the needs of the modern paint industry. Some coating additives manufacturers in my country have also developed many excellent anti-crater and leveling agents in recent years, breaking the monopoly of foreign brands in the coating additives market in my country, which helps to promote my country’s coatings industry is developing in the direction of high-end, high-quality and multi-variety.

The second section is the main reason for the surface defects of the coating film
After the coating is applied by any method, it will go through the process of wetting the polypropylene wax dispenser substrate→spreading and forming a wet film and leveling. Each stage of the process will affect the apparent state of the coating, and these three The stages are closely related to the surface tension of the coating. Therefore, the surface tension is one of the important intrinsic properties of the coating.


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