Application of water-based coatings

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1. Water-based architectural coatings

According to the different coating parts, it can be divided into exterior wall coatings, interior wall coatings, floor coatings and roof coatings. In addition to high adhesion, exterior wall coatings are also required to have excellent weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, and UV resistance. In addition to decorative effects, interior wall coatings should also have excellent washability, scratch resistance and high air permeability. Floor coatings are similar to cement-based coatings, requiring wear resistance, slip resistance and stain resistance.

2 Water-based wood coatings

In my country’s wood coatings market, water-based wood coatings have occupied a certain market share. my country’s existing water-based wood coatings market application areas are mainly: export of wooden toys, picture frames, handicrafts, some export furniture, molded doors, bamboo, rattan, etc. The types of water-based wood coatings are mainly acrylic emulsion type, followed by acrylic polyurethane, and a small amount of water-based pure polyurethane, alkyd and epoxy. With the improvement of people’s quality of life and high attention to health, the future home decoration and furniture coatings market must be the world of water-based wood coatings.

3 Water-based anti-corrosion coatings

In my country, due to the large amount of anti-corrosion coatings and different performance requirements, the current research on water-based anti-corrosion coatings has become a research and development hotspot. There are a certain amount of water-based anti-corrosion coating products in the market, and the application fields and dosage are constantly expanding. The main varieties of water-based anti-corrosion coatings used are: self-drying acrylic paint, water-soluble amino acrylic baking paint, epoxy-modified water-based amino baking paint, self-drying water-soluble epoxy ester paint, two-component water-based epoxy-amine curing Coating systems, electrodeposition coatings, etc.

4 Water-based automotive coatings

The automotive industry is a major user of coatings, second only to architectural coatings. Automotive coatings are also varieties with relatively high performance and coating technical requirements. In my country, the car body primer basically adopts cathodic electrophoretic coating, which has been completely water-based; since the metal parts of the car are not exposed, electrophoretic coating is basically used, and the bottom surface is integrated; and some trucks and buses are painted in quality The requirements are relatively low, only a small number of body primers use electrophoretic coatings, a considerable part of the body, chassis, frame and parts use water-based epoxy ester or water-based acrylic amino impregnating paint, and even a large part still uses solvent-based anti-rust primers paint. At present, in European and American countries, all automotive primers, more than 80% of automotive interior paints, and more than 50% of metallic glitter primers have been water-based, while water-based topcoats are less industrially applied. In our country, in addition to the body primer, solvent-based paint is basically used for middle paint and top paint.

5, Water-based plastic coatings

With the development of science and technology, plastic products have been widely used in household appliances, automobiles, building materials, office equipment, electronic communications and medical equipment and other industries, and are indispensable and important materials for national economy and national defense construction. However, in addition to its unsatisfactory properties such as UV resistance, plastics often produce various surface defects after processing and molding. Therefore, the plastic surface needs to be coated with paint to achieve decorative effect and improve corrosion resistance, weather resistance and service life. At present, the water-based coatings available on the market for plastic surfaces are similar to water-based wood coatings, mainly water-soluble coatings and latex coatings. According to the classification of film-forming materials, water-based plastic coatings mainly include water-based acrylic, one-component water-based polyurethane, and two-component water-based polyurethane coatings. Compared with other water-based coatings, two-component water-based polyurethane coatings have excellent performance and good adhesion, and can meet the requirements of most plastic varieties for coating performance. It will be one of the main varieties of water-based plastic coatings in the future.

In Conclusion

The research and development of film formers and additives for water-based coatings has made the development and application of water-based coatings develop rapidly. wax used in coating paint Select and lock the pillar varieties and key application areas of water-based coatings, adopt favorable countermeasures and effective planning, and guide the overall level of water-based coatings to move towards newer and higher goals, use innovative thinking, develop high-end products, enhance market competitiveness, and promote the health of water-based coatings Smooth, fast and orderly development.


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