Influence Of Wax Emulsion On Scratch Resistance Of Paint Film

2022-11-07   Pageview:262

The effect of wax emulsion on the scratch resistance of paint film. Compared with traditional solvent-based coatings, water-based paints still have many shortcomings, such as poor water resistance, especially boiling water resistance, and poor resistance to organic media. Good, the wood decorative coating has poor fullness, poor adhesion resistance and scrub resistance, and unsatisfactory mechanical strength. Choosing a suitable water-based wax emulsion can improve the scratch resistance of the paint film, and at the same time, it will also affect the adhesion resistance of the paint film. and gloss and other properties.

wax dispertions

After a variety of experiments, it has been shown that before adding wax emulsion, the surface of the paint film is easier to be scratched, and after adding different wax emulsions, under the same external force, the scratching force of the paint film surface is greater improve. Among them, the large particles of the dispersion play a crucial role in resisting the damage to the paint film by external forces. The large particle size of the wax particles on the surface is greatly reduced. But in this experiment, the amount of wax emulsion added is a critical factor.

Influence of wax emulsion on scratch resistance of paint film
The water-based paints formulated with emulsions as the main film-forming substances have excellent hardness, resistance to whitening and water resistance. Applying the wax emulsion to the preparation system of the water-based paint can greatly improve the adhesion resistance and scratch resistance of the paint film.

Influence of Wax Emulsion on Paint Film Gloss
When the wax emulsion is added to the water-based paint, the wax particles are approximately uniformly dispersed in the system. After construction, the wax particles distributed on the surface of the paint film will affect the gloss after the surface of the paint film. Different types of wax emulsions have different particle size and distribution, and will produce different degrees of diffuse reflection when exposed to light, which will also have different effects on the gloss of the paint film.

The matting property of wax emulsion is very beneficial for the preparation of semi-gloss or matt paint. Its addition can not only improve the scratch resistance and anti-adhesion resistance of the paint film, but also reduce the amount of matting agent. Light water-based paint does not even need a matting agent, and the ideal matting effect can be achieved simply by adding wax emulsion. This saves costs and reduces the complexity of the process.


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