How to improve the performance of low temperature heat seal coating? Using EAA dispersion

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Industry development trend
● With the increasing pressure on environmental protection, many plastic products are gradually being replaced by “green and environmentally friendly” paper products. Especially in the flexible packaging fields such as takeaway, fast food, logistics, etc. The demands for paper packaging materials is increasing.
● Coat EAA (ethylene acrylic acid copolymer) emulsion on paper or aluminum foil and other substrates, which can replace PE coating and other water-proof and anti-seepage treatment products to produce new environmentally friendly paper, which has fast drying and good anti-seepage effect. It has the characteristics of high brightness, harmless and non-toxic to the human body, and does not pollute the environment, and has good mechanical stability and aging resistance.

What is EAA?
● Ethylene Acrylic Acid (EAA) is a kind of polymer with thermoplasticity and extremely high adhesiveness. Due to the presence of carboxyl groups and the effect of hydrogen bonds, the crystallization of the polymer is inhibited and the main chain is linear. It is destroyed, so the transparency and toughness of EAA are improved, and the melting point and softening point are lowered.

● The low-temperature heat-sealable EEA dispersion LW-290 and Twax-7013 series developed by Tianshi New Materials has excellent water resistance, adhesion, flexibility and optical purity, and has thermoplasticity and extremely high adhesion. And excellent resistance to water and chemicals and barrier properties, can be used in coatings, adhesives, grassroots treatment and other fields.

Able to bond flexible packaging substrates, including aluminum foil, paper, low-density polyethylene and nylon.
● The application of traditional coating technology-can provide a clear, grease and solvent resistant intermediate layer between the substrate layers, which has the anti-rust performance of the metal.
● As a binder for water-based inks-can improve gloss and absorption, excellent washing resistance and pigment availability, and can be used for hot pad printing.
● For PE, DPDM, polyurethane and nylon-provide excellent adhesion, improve the internal bond capacity, tensile strength and folding endurance of the entire system.
● After coating on PET or BOPP film-good adhesion, the viscosity and thermal stability of the emulsion are maintained in a long-term high temperature state, which can replace the current fluorine-containing oil repellent, PE coating and wax Oil repellent.

Products Recommedation

Model Appearance Solid PH Lonicity
LW-290 white emulsion 30-32 7-10 N
Twax-7013 white translucent liquid 24-26 8.5-9.5 N

● LW-290 has good adhesion to some polar materials such as metal and glass. It also has good adhesion to PE, polyurethane and nylon. It has a wide range of applications in the field of water-based hot melt adhesives.
Twax-7013 provides excellent adhesion to metal and cellulose substrates, and enhances the water, grease and solvent resistance of coatings and adhesives. Can be used as extrusion coating, foil laminate, specialty paper coating, paper sizing agent, heat seal coating, bonding coating or primer for non-woven adhesives, and also as heat transfer anti-stick coating Heat activated adhesives in the.


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