Can water-based adhesives be diluted with water?

2022-05-12   Pageview:269

1. Can the water-based adhesive be diluted with water?

At present, most of the water-based glues on the market are of emulsion type. The principle is that the high molecular polymer depends on the emulsifier to exist stably in water. It is actually a metastable state. Many external forces will cause the glue to break and stratify and lose effect.

Dilution of glue with water is not recommended. Because dilution with water will increase the surface tension of the glue, destroy the stability of the glue, and cause delamination. In addition, dilution can change the surface properties of the product, resulting in poor wetting and affecting the appearance of the composite.

2. Will the peeling strength of the film compounded with water-based glue be improved after curing for a period of time after the machine is off?

Generally speaking, the membrane compounded with water-based glue does not need to be cured, and it can be cut after getting off the machine. Appropriate curing for a period of time can improve the peel strength, fischer tropsch wax india, because the molecular weight of the water-based adhesive is very high, and it takes a certain time for leveling to achieve better strength.

Therefore, it is better to place the composite membrane in a 50°C curing room for 1 h to 4 h when conditions permit. Long-term high temperature (above 80 ℃) aging has a certain impact on the strength of the composite film, because the water-based adhesive polymer cannot withstand high temperature for a long time.


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