The application of wax emulsion in fruit bag

2021-07-07   Pageview:733

Fruit-rearing bags have a great role in the whole growth period of fruits and must not be broken, so the requirements for their hydrophobicity are relatively high. So, how to ensure its hydrophobicity and extend its service life? This is another new function of wax emulsion that we will talk about today. Here is a look at its advantageous features in the production of fruit-raising bag paper together.

The advantages of wax emulsion applied in the production of fruit bag paper

1, Wax emulsion can improve the appearance of the fruit bag paper quality and strength indicators

After the use of wax emulsion paper, not only has a good appearance and feel of the paper, and is conducive to improving its main technical indicators, especially the enhancement of surface water resistance.

2, The wax emulsion is well compatible with auxiliary materials

Because of the excellent compatibility of wax emulsion and rosin gum, so, in the process of using the Yuko, it can not only reduce the use of rosin gum by 20%-30%, but also shorten the operation time and make the operation convenient and simple.

3, Good affinity of fiber

As the wax emulsion is anionic, in the process of use, appropriately increase the amount of aluminum sulfate, so that the emulsion contains enough Al3+, negatively charged wax emulsion and fiber fully integrated together, so it increases the hydrophobic effect of the paper surface. Wax emulsion michelman are suitable.


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