EVA hot -melt glue film is different from TPU hot melt glue

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EVA hot -melt glue film and TPU hot -melt glue film are two very important type of hot -melt glue products in thermal adhesives. If they distinguish between the two alone from the physical form, it is indeed very difficult. Because they are all white color, they can be divided into substrate materials and non -substrate materials. For those in non -professional fields, it is very different from the appearance.




Although the EVA hot -melt glue film and TPU hot -melt glue film have a lot of common points in terms of physical forms, they are completely different in terms of attribute characteristics.

1. The difference in product characteristics:

The water -resistant washing performance of the EVA hot -melt glue film is poor, pe wax flakes for Hotmelt adhesive and it is not resistant to dry cleaning. The characteristics of high temperature resistance are 80 degrees, and the low temperature resistance below 20 degrees;

The TPU hot -melt glue film has good water -resistant washing performance, high temperature resistance at 110 degrees, and low temperature resistance to minus 20 degrees; at the same time it also has better stretching performance.

2. The difference between melting points:

There are three main melting points of the EVA hot melt glue film, wax additive for rubber, which are 80 degrees, 90 degrees and 110 degrees. Among them, the 80 -degree melting point EVA hot -melt glue film is widely used.

There are many types of melting points of TPU hot melting glue film. The low -melting points can achieve 65 degrees. The high melting point is about 180 degrees. The span is large and the application is wider!

3. The difference in industry in the industry:

EVA hot -melt glue film is mainly suitable for: EVA crafts, floor mats, PET materials, wall cloth back glue, non -woven fabric, photovoltaic panel materials, and diving clothing.

The TPU hot -melt glue film is mainly suitable for: leather, shoe, super fiber, mobile phone leather sleeve computers, assault clothes, sports fabrics, paper, ceramics, plastics and textiles.

The difference between EVA hot -melt rubber film and TPU hot -melt glue film is far more than these articles mentioned in this article. For users, focusing on their differences in application.


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