SBS modified bitumen waterproofing roll-roofing material application – construction

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SBS modified bitumen waterproofing roll-roofing material can be used in a variety of buildings for thermal insulation and thermal insulation projects, such as roof insulation and thermal insulation; outdoor thermal insulation and thermal insulation. sbs products used in buildings, will not cause any impact on the room.

SBS modified bitumen waterproofing roll-roofing material can be used in the process of not damaging the raw materials to ensure that the performance of the raw materials, sbs waterproofing roll-roofing material has good permeability, loss, and impact resistance and other characteristics.












There are many varieties of polyether modified silicone anti-cratering and leveling agents, such as BY K-300, BY K-302, BY K-306, BY K-325, BY K-330: Guangzhou HX-3010, HX-3110, HX-3310, HX-3313, HX-3380, HX-3390 of China Bestune Industrial Company; TEGO Glide 100, TEGOGlide 406, TEGO Flow 425 of Degussa Company; EF KA- of EF KA Company 3033, EF KA-3232: DC-431, DC-433, DC-455, DC-836, etc. of Deqian (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd.

These different specifications of anti-cratering and leveling agents can meet various coating products best car carnauba wax  The polyether modified silicone is not resistant to high temperature, and its thermal stability is lower than 150℃. At higher temperatures, the polyether segment will decompose due to oxidation, especially at high temperature and the presence of water will accelerate break down. The decomposition product contains organic silicon with reactive groups generated by oxidation reaction, which will react with the film-forming polymer and lose its migration ability, which will cause poor recoatability and decreased adhesion to the coating film recoated by the baking system. defect. Therefore, it is recommended to use polyester modified or aralkyl modified silicone under high temperature film forming conditions.
Polyester, aralkyl and alkyl modified silicone
The structural formulas of polyester, aralkyl and alkyl modified silicones are generally
CH: Factory CHA「CH]9H
CH, -S-0-S-O-Si-O-Si-CHy
In the formula, R’is a polyester chain or an aralkyl chain or an alkyl chain, and R is generally a CHa, and in some varieties, it is an alkyl group.

Similar to polyether modified silicones, various modified groups are used to adjust the compatibility of silicones with coatings. The larger the n and the smaller the m, the better the compatibility of the modified silicone with the coating. But the contribution to leveling and smoothness is less. In polyester-modified silicones, there are some differences in polarity and compatibility depending on the structure and chain length of the polyester segment.
Polyester-modified and aralkyl-modified silicones have good high temperature resistance, and their thermal stability can reach above 220°C, and can be used in powder coatings and thermal curing coatings. The aralkyl modified silicone can not only impart excellent leveling properties to the coating and increase the smoothness of the coating film surface, but also help the matting powder, aluminum powder and other metal pigments to be aligned to prevent uneven gloss of the coating film.


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