Features of antibacterial anti-mildew agent SP

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This product has a long-lasting antibacterial and anti-mildew effect, harmless to humans, non-irritating to the skin, and is a safe and environmentally friendly product. It does not volatilize and has no effect on the environment.

It has good compatibility with all kinds of paints, adhesives and plastics, and has good resistance to scouring. It has high chemical stability and thermal stability, and can withstand high temperature of 240℃.











Types and performance of marine antifouling coatings
After more than one hundred years of development of marine antifouling coatings, mankind has the technology to prepare advanced antifouling coatings. According to the nature of the antifouling coating substrate resin and the way the antifouling agent seeps out, it can be divided into the following categories: ①Dissolved Type; ②diffusion type; ③contact type; ①self-polishing type.
1. Dissolving antifouling paint
This type of antifouling paint is composed of rosin and its derivatives that are slightly soluble in seawater, supplemented by modified resin (asphalt, drying oil, etc.) and cuprous oxide. Under the action of seawater, the base material is gradually dissolved and washed away, so that the antifouling agent can penetrate into the seawater to play an antifouling effect. At the same time, the thickness of the paint film will gradually using carnauba wax become thinner. The soluble antifouling paint is not completely soluble in seawater. A layer of green substance will be deposited on the surface of the paint film in the later stage. This layer of green substance is an insoluble copper salt, which can greatly reduce the solubility of the antifouling agent and the base material. , To prevent the seepage of the antifouling agent, causing the antifouling paint to fail. As shown in Figure 9-2. This kind of anti-fouling paint has a relatively short anti-fouling period, usually six months to one year.

2. Contact type antifouling paint
This kind of antifouling agent is composed of non-fouling synthetic resin (chlorinated rubber, vinyl chloride vinyl acetate copolymer, etc.) base material and a higher content of cuprous oxide antifouling agent. The improved formula also adds a certain amount Amount of rosin. Through the mutual contact of the cuprous oxide in the paint film, the cuprous oxide continuously oozes out from the voids of the paint film in the form of copper ions. Due to the exudation of the antifouling agent, a porous insoluble base material skeleton will be formed. The surface prevents the antifouling agent in the depth of the coating from further exuding, and at the same time, insoluble blue-green copper salt is formed, which makes it more difficult for the antifouling agent to seep out, resulting in the failure of the antifouling coating. The anti-fouling period of this kind of anti-fouling paint is generally 2 to 3 years. By improving the formula and adding a certain amount of soluble resin, the anti-fouling period of individual varieties can reach 4 to 5 years.


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