Which Wax Is Suitable For Offset Web Ink

2022-11-21   Pageview:418

Which wax is suitable for offset web printing ink? Waxes for offset printing inks can be simply divided into hot-set rotary, cold-set rotary, and sheet-fed. Waxes used in offset printing inks can improve abrasion resistance, smoothness, rub resistance, control gloss, and prevent pigment fillers. Precipitation etc.

Offset web ink refers to the ink used for printing on web offset presses. According to the different paper used, offset printing ink is divided into non-thermosetting offset printing ink and thermosetting offset printing ink.

Due to the fast printing speed and large printing volume of the web, in terms of the rheological properties of the ink, in order to prevent the paper from rising during high-speed printing, the viscosity of the ink should be reduced to improve the ink transfer performance. The use of resins with not too high melting points can also reduce the impact on rheological properties. Lek binder is often added to black ink to adjust the fluidity of the ink. Due to the high printing speed, a drying device is usually added to the second half of the printing unit of the web offset press. When the thermosetting ink for this production condition is heated in the drying device, the solvent in the ink volatilizes and the ink film is freed. Dry quickly.

Due to environmental protection considerations, people also consider the development of offset web inks to be solvent-free, such as condensation drying inks and UV drying inks are new solventless inks. In addition, rotary offset presses generally fold online, so a small amount of wax additive is added to the ink to reduce the smearing phenomenon of printed products in the folding unit. , The ink film quickly fixes the dry ink, and the main function of wax powder is to improve the abrasion resistance and reduce the viscosity of the ink.


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