The use of anti-drip agent in pc

2021-06-08   Pageview:417

Anti-dripping agent is a special modified PTFE powder, added to the formulation of thermoplastics, significantly increase the melt strength and elastic modulus, play a flame retardant anti-dripping effect, so that thermoplastic materials to achieve a higher standard of flame retardant.

PC anti-drip agent has excellent dispersibility and easy handling compared with general Teflon. No agglomeration at room temperature, no wrinkling of injection molded products, no crystalline spots on black and white products, and the improvement of surface gloss of products is especially obvious. Due to the good compatibility, the impact strength of the high impact formulation is relatively small.

PC anti-drip agent mixed with other plastics, can show good handling properties, and can form fibers, which is very beneficial to anti-drip performance. It has strong chemical stability, thermal stability, chemical reagent resistance and insulating properties.

PC anti-drip agent product characteristics.
1, Subject to shear force to make particles easily fibrillated.
2, Fibrillated PTFE shrinkage by heat.
3,  Add PTFE to resin, under the action of shear force in the extruder, fibrillation and extrusion molding.
4,  The resulting model shrinks when burned, so as to obtain the effect of anti-drip.

PC anti-drip agent application range: flame retardant PC, PC/ABS, flame retardant PBT/PP, flame retardant ABS, PI flame retardant MPPO, HIPS flame retardant materials PS / PU etc.

PC anti-drip agent can improve flame retardancy and prevent dripping from burning; environmentally friendly addition; can be used with bromine, phosphorus, nitrogen and silicon flame retardants. Small addition amount (0.1-0.5%), obvious effect.


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