Application of anti-mold agent for water-based coatings

2021-12-07   Pageview:302

TIO-205 has strong ability to kill mold, wide range of use, anti-mold effect is significantly better than the traditional anti-mold agent, is the traditional polymer materials, artificial leather and microfiber anti-mold agent of the new generation of products. This product can also be widely used in paint, water-based paint, glue, paper, bamboo and wood products and cultural relics protection and many other products of mold prevention.
















Tasks and characteristics of coating formulations
Since the choice of resin or curing agent has been basically determined, according to the characteristics of the resin base, the scale of production, and the economy, the variety of raw materials should be reduced as much as possible. However, in order to achieve the goals required by the formula, the additives that must be added must be added. For example, the oxidized drying type medium and long oil alkyd resin needs to be added with an anti-skinning agent to avoid skinning in the tank or during the coating process. In order to improve the weather resistance and yellowing resistance of outdoor coatings, UV absorbers and antioxidants are required. Another example: anti-static coatings need to add anti-static wax additives factory; anti-corrosion or anti-mold coatings need to add anti-corrosion additives, anti-fungal agents. The functions and characteristics of these coatings cannot be achieved by ordinary resins and curing agents or pigments and fillers alone. Therefore, the above-mentioned additives must be selected according to these tasks and characteristics.

Coating performance and quality requirements
The task and characteristics of the paint formulation determine the basic structure of the paint, which is like a rough house of a house, which can be “decorated” according to the requirements of performance and quality. In contrast, when a higher grade of coating performance and quality is desired, the cost of the additives to be invested is higher, and it is more difficult to achieve a balance. For example: For high gloss, high fullness varnish, it needs to have excellent leveling, so in addition to adjusting the volatilization rate of the thinner, it is also necessary to add a leveling agent, because generally high fullness resin synthesis The molecular weight is usually low, and the coating film is prone to orange peel and ripples during the drying and curing process.

To eliminate orange peel and ripples and obtain a smooth film, you must consider using a leveling agent that eliminates long waves or eliminates short waves. Take cars, bus refinish paints and cabin coatings as examples. We pay more attention to its smoothness to eliminate long waves. At this time, we will choose polymer leveling agents (including polyacrylates and their modified leveling agents, such as Level ol 835, 837). For furniture, communication electronics and plastic coatings, we will pay more attention to its leveling performance in eliminating shortwaves. We usually choose modified polysiloxane leveling agents, and if necessary, we can also use polymer leveling agents.


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