Why Use Wax Emulsion For Water-based Ink Printing

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Why use wax emulsion for water-based ink printing? Adding wax emulsion to the water-based ink system can effectively improve the surface scratch resistance, wear resistance, anti-blocking and give the paint film a plump and smooth feel. It is widely used in tobacco, wine and food. , beverages, toys and other packaging products.

wax dispertions

Water-based ink printing wax emulsion is a high melting point, fine particle size polyolefin wax emulsion, which can effectively reduce the friction coefficient of the ink surface, improve smoothness, wear resistance and scratch resistance; uniform and fine particle size distribution can give The ink has good gloss and excellent hiding power.

The principle of water-based ink printing wax emulsion: the special wax emulsion for ink will migrate to the surface of the ink during the film forming process, disperse evenly, and form a wax protective layer, thereby achieving the effect of improving the surface performance of the ink. With the increase in the amount of wax emulsion added, the wax protective layer formed on the surface of the ink can improve the slipperiness of the paper, reduce the coefficient of friction, and significantly reduce the abrasion of the ink. When the amount added is greater than 5%, the space between the spherical wax particles on the surface decreases, and the effect of increasing the amount is not obvious.
1. Polyethylene wax improves the pigment transfer effect in the ink printing process
In the printing process, the quality of the pigment transfer effect is mainly related to the printing viscosity of the ink. The more viscous the printing ink, the less effective the pigment transfer will be. The addition of polyolefin wax can reduce the viscosity of ink printing, improve the fluidity of pigments, and evenly disperse them, so that the pigments can enter the mesh smoothly, improve the transfer of pigments, and improve the printing effect.
2. Polyethylene wax solves the problem of ink printing dirty plate
The eradication of plate blocking is not only related to the hardness of the scraper, the pressure of the scraper, the contact angle of the scraper, and the quality of the printing plate cylinder, but also related to the printing viscosity of the ink. When the printing viscosity of the ink is too high, the fluidity of pigments and other substances is poor, they cannot be uniformly dispersed, and they are easy to accumulate together, and the scraper and plate cylinder are easily damaged, resulting in linear dirt. Adding polyvinyl wax, It can effectively reduce the viscosity and improve the fluidity of the ink, and play a good role in lubrication during the printing process to avoid dirty plate failures.
3. Ink printing viscosity affects printing gloss and ink fastness
The polyolefin wax emulsion can improve the dispersibility and gloss of the pigment, and ensure the firmness and gloss of the pigment during the printing process of the ink.
4. Ink printing viscosity is easy to cause static electricity
As the ink printing viscosity decreases, electrostatic phenomena such as whiskers, ink, poor transfer, and extremely irregular water stains will occur. After adding polyolefin wax, it can play a role in lubrication and dispersion , to reduce the force and electrostatic force of pigment particles in the ink system.

The viscosity control of the ink directly affects most of the quality problems such as pigment transfer, blockage, gloss of printed matter, ink layer adhesion, electrostatic repulsion, etc., which affect the yield of printed matter and production efficiency. To effectively solve the problem of viscosity in the ink printing process, it is necessary to add 1%~3% polyvinyl wax to the ink to change the fluidity of the ink, reduce the viscosity of the system, and improve the smoothness and wear resistance of the ink , Anti-scratch, improve new water resistance, accelerate fixation, make the printing dots complete, reduce the disadvantages of agglomeration, scratching, rubbing, etc.; improve the printing performance of the ink.


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