ACS 2016, Meet Tianshi Group

2021-02-01   Pageview:349

ACS 2016, which was held from Apr.12 to Apr.14, 2016 sets the record for the coating Industry.

More than 550 exhibitors have displayed their latest developments in raw materials, production equipment, testing and measuring equipment, and services for the coating industry until 1:00 pm of Apr.14.

It is the first time for our Nanjing Tianshi to attend the coating show at abroad , with the booth no. of 1077. Our Deputy manager Mr. Zheng Xiao Ping &Li Hong Bin, sales manager Mr. Xu Le and International sales Ms. Shao Ting have received more than 130 customers from all over the world, Some of them have great interest on our waxes.

As coatings become more complex, we think it is more important for us to research and develop more multi-functional waxes to meet to the demand of coatings, to impact more properties of coatings. These properties include an improvement in slip, scratch, abrasion, matting, anti-blocking and water resistance.

The waxes of Nanjing Tianshi are always customized, you are welcomed to contact with us at any time.


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