High-density oxidized polyethylene wax in PVC foam

2021-06-15   Pageview:542

PVC foam products have higher requirements for lubricants. PVC foam products often have higher processing difficulties. In the process of dynamic extrusion molding, the balance of PVC lubrication is easily broken, and will cause paste, surface roughness and uneven bubble holes.

Customers are more concerned about the product yield and density size, which requires higher requirements for lubricants.

The wetting and dispersing performance of Tianshi oxidation wax lubricant, thus ensure the better integration between PVC resin particles, calcium carbonate and processing aids to achieve the ideal plasticization state.

Oxidized high density polyethylene wax is a high performance lubricant for both internal and external applications, providing even better plasticization and demolding results.

High density oxidized polyethylene waxes are suitable for a wide range of equipment. With the scientific adjustment of internal and external lubricants, it can be applied to a wide range of equipment conditions. Even in highly filled formulations, high production efficiency is guaranteed and excellent product performance is achieved.

Tianshi offers a wide range of applications including ester-based internal lubricants for PVC and polyolefin-based external lubricants.

1, Improve the stability of production
2, Extend the start-up time
3, Improving surface finish
4, Reduce overall cost



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