Effect of polyethylene wax on color masterbatches

2021-08-12   Pageview:367

In the process of masterbatch production, due to the poor dispersion of ultra-fine powder, it is easy to produce agglomeration, which greatly affects the extrusion difficulty in the production process, and the gloss and processing performance are relatively poor, how do we need to solve this problem?

Add micronized polymer wax to the masterbatch system to play the role of lubrication and dispersion, increase the compatibility with polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene and other resins, and polyethylene wax has excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance, added to the masterbatch system, can increase the extrusion of masterbatch, improve production efficiency, and at the same time can increase the gloss and processing performance of the product.

 The basic components of color masterbatch are

1. pigment or dye pigment is divided into organic pigment and inorganic pigment.

Commonly used organic pigments are: phthalocyanine red, phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, sun-resistant big red, macromolecular red, macromolecular yellow, permanent yellow, permanent purple, azo red, etc.

Commonly used inorganic pigments are: cadmium red, cadmium yellow, titanium dioxide, carbon black, iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, etc.

2. Carrier carrier is the matrix of masterbatches. Special color masterbatches generally choose the same resin as the product resin as the carrier, and the compatibility between the two is best, but the fluidity of the carrier should also be considered.

The dispersant should have a lower melting point than the resin, good compatibility with the resin and good affinity with the pigment. The most commonly used dispersants are: polyethylene low molecular wax, stearate.

4. Additives such as flame retardant, brightening, antibacterial, antistatic, antioxidant, etc., unless requested by customers, in general, color masterbatch does not contain the above additives.


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