Anti-mold agent for paint AEM-5700T

2021-10-21   Pageview:266

Coating anti-mildew agent AEM-5700T is a new product developed by our company according to the requirements of users, suitable for all kinds of water-based and emulsion-type adhesives such as polyvinyl alcohol adhesives, polyvinyl acetate and copolymer emulsions and sealants, polyacrylate adhesives, adhesives containing starch (or modified starch) and other natural ingredients such as anti-mildew and anti-corrosion products in the can.

It is safe, efficient, broad-spectrum and easy to use, etc. It can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of various bacteria, mold and yeast, in order to prevent the production or storage of water-based and emulsion-type adhesives due to microbial spoilage and mildew.











Taking long oil alkyd resin as an example, the test method for screening the amount of drier is introduced, and the varnish and colored paint are evaluated separately.

The drier test of the varnish is to prepare a varnish with the alkyd resin to be tested and a similar drunk modified polypropylene wax acid resin with known properties, and each is diluted with solvent gasoline to the No.-4 cup for 80s (25℃). Divide the varnish into 3 parts and add driers with different proportions: ①0.025% cobalt + 0.25% lead; ②0.05% cobalt + 0.5% lead; ③0.1% cobalt + 1.0% lead.

Through the tests of dryness, paint film appearance, and storage properties, it can be found that the alkyd resin uses the normal range of lead and cobalt driers to produce defects. If you want to adjust outside this range or introduce other drier metals, you need to repeat the above three basic tests.

(2) Drying test of colored paint When a suitable drier range has been determined for the varnish, the tested resin and similar resins with known properties should be used to prepare white paint at the same time. Use rutile titanium dioxide, the solid ratio of pigment to paint is 0.751. Then dilute with 200# solvent gasoline to 80~100s (coating -4 cup, 25℃), and store it for later use without drier. The color paint is further tested according to the amount of drier selected for the varnish. If the range of the drier for the varnish has been selected as lead 0.25%, cobalt 0.02%~0.03%, calcium 0.1%, the first test of white paint should be carried out according to the following ratio: ①0.025% drill + 0.25% lead; ②0.025% drill+0.25% lead ten 0.1% calcium; ③0.05% drill+0.5% lead+0.1% calcium.


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