The use of anti-mildew agent BJ-85

2021-11-06   Pageview:285

Powder anti-mildew agent BJ-85 is a uniform dispersion system, which can be added at any stage of production.

It is recommended to add 0.3-1.5% in exterior wall coatings and 0.2-1.0% in interior wall coatings, the amount of addition can be adjusted according to the performance of the coating products and the use environment.











The use of matting paste can use proprietary equipment to limit the dust to a small range. Because of the thixotropy of synthetic silica, it can be stored in a pumping container for use after preparation. This is how some paint factories currently use it. The inconvenience is that for some coatings, it is possible to make its special matting paste. If a matting paste is to be used in several paint varieties, there will be problems of compatibility and adjustment of the coating formulation. “The other is storage stability. To make the storage time longer, it is necessary to add anti-settling agents, which will have a negative impact on the range of its compatibility, so the matting paste formula should be as simple as possible. Using solvents as matting pastes has a wide range of compatibility. , But the solvent is volatile, which makes the matting paste dry, and the matting paste after drying is difficult to redisperse.

The end users of coatings have different purposes and require different degrees of matting surfaces. Therefore, the demand for matting agents in the coatings industry will not change. For example, wood coatings require a soft gloss to prevent eye fatigue, which is in line with environmental protection requirements; large coils need to be matte, in addition to avoiding light pollution, they can also cover some coating defects; traffic sign coatings are required for safety Anti-flicker surface; military equipment (armored vehicles, large artillery, radar, etc.) requires concealment and protection of the environment. The law has strengthened the limitation of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. In the direction of toxicity and energy saving, water-based coatings, high-solid coatings, radiation curing coatings and powdered materials have emerged.

Traditional wax for solvent-based coatings, although the use of matting agents are different due to the difference in resin system and film thickness, this is only the adjustment of the addition amount and particle size, and its versatility is very large.

Water-based coatings, high-solid coatings, radiation-curing coatings, powder coatings, etc. are very different from traditional solvent-based coatings, which promotes the transformation of matting agents from general-purpose to special-purpose. The following discussion can illustrate this transition.


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