Advantages of water-based coatings

2021-10-23   Pageview:699

All coatings that use water as solvent or as dispersion medium can be called water-based coatings.

In the industrial field, the “oil to water” policy has been promoted, and the fields of mechanical and electrical equipment, auto parts, hardware parts, etc. gradually tend to water-based industrial paint.

Water-based paints have many advantages, including saving a lot of resources, reducing pollution to the atmosphere, improving the working environment conditions, as well as the strong adhesion, corrosion resistance and good protection of water-based coatings.












After the benzoin ether photoinitiator is mixed with the resin system and stored in the dark at room temperature for only a few days, the system will undergo cross-linking and curing, and the storage stability is far from meeting actual needs. This is mainly due to the active a-HL3J in the benzoin ether structure. In addition, honeywell micronized wax the varnish system with benzoin ether as the photoinitiator did not show yellowing after curing, but the cured coating continued to receive ultraviolet light or sunlight, and the yellowing was obvious. The extraction of benzoin ether photoinitiator Its thermal instability and yellowing performance are the key factors hindering its wide application. Its competitive point lies in its easy synthesis and low cost.

As an earlier developed photoinitiator, benzoin-based photoinitiators once occupied an important position in the early mainstream unsaturated polyester-styrene curing system, and are currently used less, only in some cases for yellowing and storage. Use in occasions with lower stability requirements can reduce costs. With the continuous research and development of new photoinitiators, the later developed w hydroxyalkyl aryl ketones (such as Daro cur 1173) have higher thermal stability than benzoin ethers And initiating activity a], the low-cost advantage of benzoin compounds as conventional photoinitiators is gradually lost.


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