The use of dry film anti-mildew agent TIO-20

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The recommended use concentration is 0.3~0.4%, and the specific use amount will depend on the actual situation. The product is unstable and easy to decompose under alkaline condition, so it is recommended to use in the system with pH less than 9. It is recommended to add the product in the latter production process and disperse it evenly.












The hazards of marine biofouling
There are about 4000 kinds of fouling organisms in the ocean, mainly microorganisms, plants and animals. There are about 50 to 100 species of common fouling organisms. Marine biological fouling is more serious in the waters of coastlines, bays and ports.

Once marine biological fouling adheres to the surface of marine facilities, it will cause serious harm, carnauba wax in food mainly in the following aspects: ①Increase the roughness and weight of the hull, increase the resistance, slow down the speed of the ship, lose its maneuverability, and cause fuel consumption. Increased, the release of harmful gases will increase; ②Increase the number of ship docking repairs, waste time and resources, and at the same time produce a lot of toxic pollutants in this process; ③Block the coastal power plant and the cooling water pipeline of the ship’s seawater, Reduce the cooling efficiency and affect the normal operation of the equipment;
④Attach fouling organisms on the surface of the sensor of the marine instrument, which makes the sensor lose its function, making the instrument unusable:
⑤Accelerate the corrosion of the substrate (steel, aluminum, etc.) under the attached organism, Fouling organisms will produce acidic substances and the formation of batteries with poor oxygen concentration, which will cause chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion;
⑥The marine aquaculture industry uses cages. Due to the fouling organisms blocking the meshes, the water flow is not smooth, resulting in insufficient oxygen and nutrients, causing breeding Industry output declined.

The bottom of the ship is fouled by marine organisms. For every 10um increase in roughness, fuel consumption will increase by 1%. Generally, if a 25000t oil tanker has 5% area fouling, fuel consumption will increase by 17% due to increased resistance. The cost is more than US$1 million. It is estimated that the world’s annual cost due to marine biological fouling amounts to billions of dollars.


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