5 ways to kill mold with mildew inhibitors

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Mold inhibitor is a chemical agent used to ward off bacteria and viruses, and it is widely used.

The toxic effect of mold inhibitors on mold includes the following ways.

1, Eliminating or inhibiting the activity of various metabolic enzymes in the mold cells.

2, React with the amino or sulfhydryl groups of enzyme proteins to inhibit or destroy their functions.

3, Inhibiting the synthesis of RNA during spore germination, thus preventing spore germination.

4, Accelerating the promotion of phosphate oxidation-reduction system to destroy the function of the cell.

5, Destroy the energy release system in mycobacterial cells; inhibit the electron transfer system and transaminase system, etc.













The influence of the average particle size of aerogel matting agent
The two lines in the middle are almost parallel. With the increase of the matting agent, the gloss of the coating film decreases, but the corresponding gloss at any point on the abscissa is always lower than that of C805, because the average particle size of C807 is large. The role of wax treatment agent
Both aerogel type and precipitation type matting agents can be treated with wax to improve anti-settling properties and avoid the formation of hard precipitates. Syl oid ED series uses microcrystalline wax, OK 412 uses polyethylene wax, which has a low melting point, which may extend the drying time of some coatings. In this case, OK500 can be used. Changes in matting properties after wax treatment.
The addition of wax treatment agent can slightly reduce the matting performance of the non-treated silicon dioxide 60.
A-treatment is to prevent the formation of precipitation of fumed silica matting agent wax emulsion defined 40 in the coating. Hydrophobic fumed silica R972 can be used, and the added amount is 10% of the matting agent.
Transparency of the coating film
This is also a problem that must be paid attention to when using matting agent 0: 2345678970, although synthetic dioxide

The content of the matting agent in the total formula/% The refractive index of the silicon matting agent (1.46) and Figure 12-13 The effect of wax treatment agent on the matting performance The refractive index of the resin (1.40~1.55)

Close, but it may also affect the transparency of the coating film. TS-100 has the least effect on the transparency of the coating film, and has high matting efficiency, but the price is too expensive. Precipitated silica matting agent has a greater impact on transparency, which is related to its structure. Qian Fenglin believes that the use of a precipitation-type matting agent with a large specific surface area (such as Nipo silK 300) and a small average particle size will improve the transparency of the coating film by 591.

Aerogel-type matting agents have an impact on the transparency of the coating film between the above two, the pore volume is large, and the smaller average particle size has a small impact on the transparency of the coating film, such as Sy 350, Syl oid ED 2, Sy loi dC 803 It is most suitable for the matting of thin film coatings (such as leather coatings).


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