Non-stick pan is best used at low temperature

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Are you worried that the non-stick pan coating will decompose harmful substances at high temperatures? Feng Xiang, a professor in the Department of Nutrition at the School of Public Health, Sun Yat-sen University, said that normal use of non-stick pans that meet national standards will not cause harm to the human body. However, the coating is afraid of high temperatures. For safety reasons, it is recommended not to use a non-stick pan to fry food at high temperature. It is best to use it at medium and low temperatures.

The common non-stick pans on the market still use Teflon (chemical name polytetrafluoroethylene) as the main coating material. At the same time, ceramic materials based on silica and some new coatings made using nanotechnology have also emerged. The non-stick coating made of Teflon will not change within 260°C. When the temperature exceeds 260°C, the coating will gradually change to an unstable state. It will decompose only when the temperature exceeds 350°C. The integration of toxic substances into food is harmful to human health. Generally speaking, the temperature of cooking at home will not exceed 100°C. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the decomposition of the chemical coating to the human body in daily use.

It should be noted that when the non-stick pan burns dry or the oil temperature exceeds 250°C, the coating on the non-stick pan may be damaged, allowing toxic substances to be incorporated into the food. It is not recommended to use a non-stick pan for high-temperature frying. The coating of the non-stick pan is a 0.2mm thick film. If it is burned dry or the oil temperature reaches 300°C, this film may be damaged and harmful ingredients will be released. Generally speaking, the temperature is higher when frying food, non-stick pan is not recommended for frying food.

You can also simply check the temperature of the oil in the non-stick pan before cooking. For example, throw a few slices of green onion into the pot, and a lot of bubbles will appear around the green onion, indicating that the temperature can be used for cooking; if the green onion changes color or even zoom, it means the temperature is too high. Taller. Frequent high temperature and rapid cooling process will also accelerate the damage of the coating. It is recommended that after using the non-stick pan, do not rinse it with cold water immediately, wait for the temperature to drop slightly before washing; try to use a sponge to clean the pan.

Wooden spatula should be used as much as possible when cooking, to avoid sharp spatula from damaging the coating; once the coating is damaged or peeled off, the pot should be replaced in time to prevent toxic substances from being incorporated into the food and causing harm to the body.

Tianshi PTFE powders are suitable for non-stick pan coatings, try to ask experts.


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