Application of polyethylene wax in special coatings

2021-07-11   Pageview:837

Water-based wax additives are one of the important additives for water-based coatings, providing anti-adhesive, anti-friction, anti-scratch, gloss adjustment, anti-settling, hydrophobic, polishing and other effects for coatings.

1, Polyethylene wax wax has a relatively high melting point, can delay plasticization, in the coating, after cooling, can form a thin layer of wax film on the coating surface, this layer of wax film, in the application to the ship deck painting, can play a good role in scratch resistance, anti-seawater corrosion, anti-rust corrosion, to play a protective role on the deck.

2, The viscosity of polyethylene wax is moderate, which can play a good role in dispersing and lubricating the pigment and carrier during the production of paint, preventing the pigment and carrier from caking and avoiding protrusion during the painting process, which affects the appearance.

The biggest application of polyethylene wax is in the coating. Polyethylene wax for coating can improve the abrasion resistance, anti-caking, at the same time has the matting performance, improve the flow and extrusion efficiency.

Micronized PE Wax Powder PEW-0282 Name: Micronized PE wax Model Number: PEW-0282 Chemical Composition: Polyethylene Wax

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