AEM5700-F anti-mold and anti-bacterial agent

2021-10-28   Pageview:614

AEM5700-F anti-mold and anti-bacterial agent is a new type of industrial grade anti-mold agent. Transparent color, tasteless, non-irritating, can simultaneously anti-mold, anti-bacterial, anti-algae, is one of the most effective anti-bacterial agent in the industrial field. It can be added to PVC products, plastic products, PVC flooring materials, wall coatings, paints, inks, paper, etc. It is more effective than other inorganic or organic systems that can only be antibacterial or anti-mold.













AT RP initiator
The emergence of AT RP technology opened up a new field of living polymerization. AT RP technology integrates the advantages of free radical polymerization and living polymerization. It can not only perform bulk polymerization, solution polymerization, suspension polymerization and emulsion polymerization like free radical polymerization, but also synthesize polymers with specified structures, and the monomers are applicable. It is very extensive, including almost all monomers suitable for other living polymerization systems and some monomers that cannot be polymerized currently. In addition, there is a very useful feature, that is, it does not need to go through a complicated synthetic route, so it has a very broad application prospect.

Due to the great potential of AT RP in the synthesis of new materials, it has not only montan ester wax coating attracted the attention of the academic community, but also aroused great interest in the industry. Once the AT RP technology came out, it attracted the attention of many large companies, and they concentrated on using this technology to develop interesting new polymer materials. However, the industrialization of AT RP still has a long way to go. Its core task is to develop highly active catalysts and develop economical and practical catalytic system recovery technology.


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