Selection and use of textile sizing auxiliaries

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It is difficult to achieve perfect sizing effect by using one or several main sizing materials alone, and various auxiliary materials, i.e. auxiliaries, are needed to improve the sizing performance and sizing quality. The selection and use of additives and sizing effect is closely related to the use of its purpose is multifaceted.

1, Soft and smooth agent (wax sheet), the main role of soft and smooth agent.

(1) reduce the brittleness of the pulp film, increase the softness of the pulp yarn.

(2) reduce the friction coefficient of the pulp film (smoothing, lubricant).

(3) reduce the adhesion of the pulp film to the heating member.

The oil is distributed on both the surface and the inside of the sizing film. The surface of the sizing yarn is covered with an oil agent film to fill the unsmooth surface of the sizing film, acting as a smoothing and abrasion resistant agent. The oil dispersed in the pulp film makes the intermolecular combination of adhesives loose sponge-like, plasticity increases, giving the pulp yarn with appropriate softness and stretch.

2, Auxiliaries for post-waxing

High-grade fabric sizing rate is high, the pulp film is brittle, can add softener to make it soft, but the use of too much, affecting the strength of the pulp film. After the use of wax can increase the softness and smoothness of the pulp film.

Post waxing includes

(1) solid wax: white wax, beeswax, stearic acid, etc. made of wax roll. Uneven waxing, staining on the shuttle, affecting the printing and dyeing.

(2) emulsified waxing. Emulsified wax preparation should make the bobbin wear-resistant, anti-static, and easy to desizing.

Emulsified wax may cause wax spot if it is not emulsified well, and the printing and dyeing desizing is not exhausted. Nowadays, textile factories seldom use emulsified wax containing paraffin for post-waxing, and generally use soft and smooth agent produced by animal and vegetable oil (commonly called wax block) or directly use wax sheet (also produced by animal and vegetable oil) for post-waxing. There are also people who use water-soluble liquid wax for post-oiling, which has a poor smoothing effect and makes the sizing yarn easily re-sticky.

In has used acrylic system sizing, its adhesion and softness is superior. Warp yarn using grease is no longer to increase its softness, but mainly to improve wear resistance. The dried yarn, coated with a layer of oil and wax on the surface, enhances the smoothness of the sizing yarn and does not enter the interior, which has little effect on the softness.


Textile sizing, the amount of auxiliaries is relatively small, but there are many types, with different properties. Adequate understanding of the characteristics of various additives, according to the type of fiber, yarn structure, fabric specifications, weaving conditions, the characteristics of the main sizing material itself and other factors, the correct use of textile auxiliaries, to improve the quality of sizing is very helpful.


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