Application of anti-mold agent 5700-SPRAY

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5700-SPRAY is inexpensive, easy to use and suitable for anti-mildew and anti-corrosion finishing of cotton, wool, hemp, polyester-cotton, chemical fiber and other fabrics. In addition, AEM5700 series anti-mildew and anti-bacterial agent is also suitable for the anti-mildew and anti-corrosion treatment of softener, oil, paint, paste and other products.












Analyze the content of hydroquinone, omit the oxidation step in the alkaline medium, the hydroquinone in the system does not react with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine, and does not affect the analysis results of hydroquinone.
If you want to determine the content of hydroquinone and p-benzoquinone in the system at the same time, you can first determine the content of p-benzoquinone in the system, re-sample, and then determine the total content of p-benzoquinone after oxidation in alkaline medium. The content of hydroquinone is obtained.

development trend
The initiator is a kind of auxiliary agent of the polymerization reaction, and it is continuously montan ester wax application developed with the development of the polymerization process.

Functional group initiator
In order to reduce air pollution and save energy and resources, high-solid coatings must be developed. The main body of high solids coating is oligomer with functional group. The research on telechelic oligomers in the 1970s promoted the development of initiators with functional groups.

The functional group initiators are mainly azo compounds. As mentioned above, azo initiators with functional groups are a type of water-soluble azo initiators. Their thermal decomposition reaction is similar to that of general azo compounds. The decomposition temperature is between 40 and 80°C. This functional group participates in the curing reaction of the coating. Azo initiators have little effect on polymer chain transfer, and it is more advantageous to initiate the synthesis of polymers with functional groups than peroxides.


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