Disadvantages of acid-based catalysts

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1, It affects the water resistance of the paint film, because these acids only act as catalysts and do not participate in the cross-linking reaction, which eventually remain in the paint film.

2, Because of the water resistance problem and the acidity of the catalyst itself, it will definitely affect the anti-corrosion performance of the paint film and greatly reduce the salt spray resistance.














Polyether modified polydimethylsiloxane BYK—301 is used in various flash coatings
And the slipping effect in water-based coatings.
The same kind of polyether modified polydimethylsiloxane has great differences in the slipping effect of different coatings. Therefore, to achieve the required slipping effect for a certain coating, it is necessary to select a suitable type of slip agent and pass Experiment to find the best addition amount.
Comparison of the sliding effect of polysiloxane and polyethylene wax
In 40of nitrocellulose lacquer, BYK-300 and polyethylene wax A, polyethylene wax B have a higher slip effect than 300.
Compared with polysiloxanes, polyethylene wax-based slip agent 200 has little slipping effect. Polysiloxanes have a good slipping effect, and the amount of 100H added is small. When polyethylene wax is used in combination with BYK-300, it can get a good gliding effect IL. In practical applications, the two types of slip agents are used together.
Add 1%
Respectively indicate the slipping effect in normal temperature curing nitrocellulose paint
Comparison (1lb=0.454kg)
1-BYK-300; 2-polyethylene wax A; 3-poly two-component epoxy-amine and polyethylene wax B; 4-polyethylene wax + 0.2% BYK-300 polyurethane coatings use two types of slip agents The slipping effect.
Baking type amino alkyd and amino acrylic coatings use two types of slip agents to increase the slipping effect.
Whether in self-drying paint or baking paint, the sliding effect of polysiloxane slip agent is generally better than that of polyethylene wax. As far as the slip effect is concerned, the addition amount of BYK-300 within the range of 0.1%~0.3% can exert a good slip effect.


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