Where to buy waxes for yarn using?

2022-01-18   Pageview:542

Textile wax is emulsified from imported polyethylene, with fine particle size and light brown or translucent color. Tanshi textile wax is widely used in textile finishing to provide a soft and smooth effect. Tanshi textile waxes are of high quality and low price, certified by the market, welcome customers to call for samples.

Textile thread wax emulsion can improve the feel and strength of textile threads and enhance the performance of sewing.

It can be used in yarn finishing to produce high gloss, deeper and more vivid colors, and higher elasticity and tensile strength. It is applied in finishing mainly as an important component of textile finishing agent, which aims to give textiles excellent soft hand, good smoothness and gloss, etc.

Yarn finishing wax emulsion has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, hard water resistance, strong water solubility, stable emulsion, can be diluted with any proportion of water without delamination, no emulsion breakage, no lumping, long shelf life, high solid content, good dispersibility, etc.

In textile mills, post-waxing is a frequently used sizing process, especially in weaving high-grade fabrics, the sizing rate is generally high, the pulp film is hard and brittle, the use of post-waxing process can increase the softness and wear resistance of the pulp film, but also to prevent the pulp structure from being damaged due to the addition of softener in the pulp.

The purpose of post-waxing is to increase the smoothness and antistatic property of the sizing yarn, make the sizing yarn feel smooth, reduce the friction coefficient and the falling material, help to open clearly, reduce the head breakage and improve the loom efficiency, which is especially important for synthetic fiber, high count and high density cotton fabric and the use of shuttleless loom.

The amount of wax on the appropriate increase, can reduce the friction coefficient of the sizing yarn on the machine parts. If it is too high, it will make the sizing yarn easy to accumulate flying flowers, affecting the role of guillotine self-stop and cause defects. After waxing, it can reduce the accumulation of static charge on the yarn, which is good for clear opening.


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