Technical index of 1,3,5-triazine

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1,3,5-triazine, (homotriazine, sym-triazine) is a colorless crystal with a melting point of 86°C and a boiling point of 114°C. It can be produced by reaction with, and its substance is extremely important in the dye and pharmaceutical industries.

Technical indicators
Appearance: colorless to light transparent liquid
Active ingredient: 74%-78%
p H: (0.1% distilled water solution) 9.0-11.0










SNC colloidal silica was added to SR-494 resin as the 15 test samples, and the aforementioned pyrogenic silicon dioxide 10 and SR-494 resin were added as the comparison 2 samples, both of which were added with 2% photosensitizer (Lu- 0102030403-cir inTPO-L), a test board with a film thickness of Si Oz content/%50pm was prepared, and a mercury lamp was used to figure 13-31 the change in viscosity with SiO content (120W/cm) to cure, speed 1-pyrolysis method 2 Silica: 6m/min, and it is proved that the light-cured 2-SNC buy sasol wax colloidal silica is sufficient and balanced. The existence of silica has no obvious effect on the curing speed. Table 13-21 shows the abrasion resistance and viscosity data of the experimental and comparative samples.

The wear resistance of the experimental sample with SNC colloidal silica added is greatly improved compared with the blank sample. When the added amount is 50%, the wear is reduced by 88%, and when the added amount is 28%, the wear is reduced by 77%. It can also be seen from the table that when the silica content is 28%, the difference in wear between the SNC colloidal silica paint and the fumed silica paint is not too great, but the former is better than the latter. There are much lower and closer to the viscosity value of the blank sample, so as to obtain a low-viscosity coating system.

The abrasion resistance of SR-494 coating film with SNC colloidal silica added in terms of turbidity.


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