Modified Paraffin Emulsion—LW-102

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Paraffin wax is a kind of oily natural organic matter with strong cohesion, which is insoluble in water. The emulsified wax product prepared by it has good anti-blocking property, hydrophobicity and special wax feeling, so it is widely used in leather, textile, paint, wood-based panels, ceramics, etc. It is widely used in other industries.

Paraffin Emulsion Features

The particle size of paraffin emulsion is an important index to characterize the performance of emulsion. Reducing the particle size of the emulsion can increase the mechanical stability, storage stability and thermal stability of the emulsion; reducing the particle size of the emulsion can also improve its permeability, film-forming properties, and enhance solvent resistance. Simply put, the finer the particle size, the clearer the liquid phase of the emulsion.

Products Recommended

TL-505A30 is a paraffin wax emulsion with a clear appearance, with a fine average particle size, which is very suitable for systems with high gloss requirements, such as water-based varnishes, water-based varnishes, leather finishing agents and wood-based panels.

Product indexes of modified Paraffin Emulsion—LW-102

Appearance: Light translucent emulsion

Solid content: 30±1%

Average particle size (μm): ≤0.5

Emulsifying System: Anionic

PH value: 8.0-10.0

Chemical Composition: Paraffin/Synthetic Wax


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