JL-B50 anti-mildew agent for paints

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JL-B50 paint anti-mildew agent is a preparation added to paint (emulsion paint) to prepare anti-mildew paint. After the coating mold, it will lead to viscosity and adhesion loss, the mold on the surface of the paint film not only makes the coating lose its protection and decorative function, mold scattered in the environment, but also cause pollution to the environment.

Usually add paint anti-mildew agent is an effective way to prepare anti-mildew coatings from mold erosion, with paint anti-mildew agent to prepare anti-mildew coatings can be widely used to such as food, pharmaceutical, beverage, brewing and other special industries with high health requirements.













Deformation theory
The anti-fatigue performance of laminates made of glass fiber treated with coupling agent can be improved, so the deformation theory is put forward. The theory is that the coupling agent is plastic at the interface. Since the resin shrinks when it is cured, and the expansion coefficient of glass is much smaller than that of the resin, the internal interface of the cured laminate will generate considerable shear stress. The main function of the coupling agent is to eliminate the shear stress.

In addition, there are friction theory and reversible hydrolysis bond mechanism. Since the bonding and breaking of the resin-substrate interface in composite materials is a complex physical and chemical process, many factors will affect the properties of the interface, thereby affecting the performance of the composite material.
Selection of silane coupling agent

The theoretical explanations of the effects of silane coupling agents are based on certain experimental facts and summarized according to chemical and physical principles. These theoretical explanations should be the basis for choosing coupling agents for coatings. Because the coating is a complex mixed system, when choosing a silane coupling agent, you should first understand the physical and chemical properties of the resin, fillers, solvents, additives and the coated substrate used in the coating, and then choose a suitable montan wax op system.silane coupling agent. In addition, the use method of the silane coupling agent in the coating, the use environment and performance (heat resistance, physical, mechanical, etc.) of the coating material or parts should also be considered. The silane coupling agent suitable for various substrates is recommended for selection reference only.


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