The advantages of self-adhesive waterproof coating

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1, Self-healing, that is, the coil in the encounter puncture or hard embedded, will automatically heal with these objects into one, so it can still maintain good waterproof performance.
2, Construction safety, do not pollute the environment, construction is simple and clean, easy to do on-site civilized construction. Construction temperature should be above 5 ℃, construction to ensure smooth air circulation in the construction environment.
3, The coating process, if the bubble is found, should be punctured within half an hour with a needle roll, the coating its unique self-healing ability, does not affect the quality of the coating film.














The viscosity of the varnish type primer is relatively low, and the viscosity is usually tested with a viscosity cup. Rheological requirements of latex paint

From production, storage, construction to film formation, latex paint often encounters different shear rates. According to Barton [a], during the manufacturing process, near the dispersing disc of the high-speed disperser, the shear rate range is about 1000~10000s4, while at the top of the container, the shear rate is only 1~10s-l, which is close to the container wall. The paint is actually static. After the latex paint is pumped into the storage tank or filled into the bucket, the shear rate drops to 0.001~0.5s. The shear rate during construction and dipping is estimated to be 15~30g-4, while the shear rate during painting The shear rate is similar to that of high-speed dispersion, about 1000~10000s-. After construction, latex paint will cause leveling, sagging and penetration. At this time, the typical shear rate is below 100s-,

Jni nIel lists the shear rates at different stages of coating production, storage and construction, ptfe aqueous dispersion as shown in Table 19-1. For the same stage, different people introduce different shear rates.
The graph based on the average of 12 latex paints shows the best range of yield value, viscosity before painting, dipping viscosity and painting viscosity. The curve is a typical unsheared and sheared coating viscosity distribution curve.

In the production process, when a high-speed dispersing machine is used to disperse pigments and fillers, the viscosity is higher, the shear stress applied to the aggregates is larger, and the dispersion is faster. A higher viscosity can be achieved by increasing the content of pigments and fillers in the abrasive and making the abrasive have moderate swelling properties. The so-called swelling property means that as the shear rate increases, the viscosity also increases.


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