Introduction of hydroxyethyl hexahydrohomotriazine

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Hydroxyethyl hexahydrohomotriazine is a new type of oilfield chemical product, which currently has two major applications, one is used as a desulfurization agent, and the other is used as an anti-mold fungicide.













Silicone resin and its prepolymer are directly used as coatings or added to coatings to improve coating weather resistance, increase hardness, scratch resistance, and improve high temperature resistance, as well as anti-sticking, demoulding, etc. This chapter will not discuss it as an adjuvant.

With the development of science and technology, organic silicon compounds and polymers can change their chemical and physical properties by changing organic groups, or grafting or blocking organic components that do not contain silicon, making them more suitable for coating and ink processing. Or use the demand for performance. Organosilicon compounds and their polymers have many excellent properties. We can expect the application of organosilicon products in coatings to be further expanded to promote more perfect coating properties.

Organosilane coupling agent
Chemical structure
Silane coupling agent is one of the important members of carbon-containing montan ester wax color organosilicon compounds. Its chemical structure contains both hydrolyzable silicon functional groups directly connected to silicon, and carbon connected to silicon through alkylene or phenylene groups. Functional group. The carbon functional group has the same or similar chemical reaction ability of the organic compound functional group. Its general formula is:

Y-RSi Me, X 4-(n+1)
CH-CH-SiMe, X 4-(n+1)n=0, 1, usually 0;
R=一(CH2)m one (m=1, ≥3, rarely 2), one C; H4 one grade; Y (carbon functional group) = -Cl, -NH 2, -HNCH2CH2NH 2, -NHR, -NH>, N, -NCO, SH, -OCH, -CH-CH, human CH-CH 2, -OCO CMe-CH 2 and other functional groups of organic compounds; X (silicon functional group) = -Cl, -OMe,- Hydrolyzable silicon functional groups such as OCH2CHa, -OCH2CHzOCHe, and -OAc.


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