Characteristics of 972 water-based adhesion promoter

2021-11-18   Pageview:679

1, Good adhesion
2, Excellent flexibility
3, Hundred grid test success
4, Comply with EU environmental testing standards
5, Boiling resistance
6, High and low temperature resistance















This internally added anti-caking agent (bulking agent) is insoluble in water, has good acid and alkali resistance, good light stability, and has good dispersibility in powder coatings. The addition shamrock ptfe dispersion amount in the formula is 0.3% of the total. 0.8%. In addition, fumed silica can also be added internally, but in the case of the same addition amount, the effect of internal addition is not as good as that of external addition.

The commonly used anti-caking agent (releasing agent) is fumed silica (also known as white carbon black). Its function is to provide lubrication and isolation between the powder coating particles, so that the powder coating particles are not separated from each other. It is easy to stick and agglomerate, and acts as a loosening agent to improve the dry powder fluidity of the powder coating (reducing the angle of repose) and the fluidization performance in the powder supply tank, and to some extent also improve the powder coating rate.

In addition, fumed silica has a large specific surface area and a strong adsorption capacity for moisture. One of the important reasons why powder coatings are prone to agglomeration and poor looseness is the absorption of moisture in the air. Therefore, after adding fumed silica to the powder coating, it is necessary to prevent the powder coating from absorbing the moisture in the air to make the powder The paint is always in a dry state, is not easy to agglomerate, and maintains the good fluidity of the powder.

The amount of fumed silica added in the powder coating formula is 0.1%~0.5% of the total formula. You can choose a more appropriate variety and dosage according to the powder coating variety and formula composition; it can also be appropriate in summer according to changes in temperature. Increase the amount added. Generally, with the increase of the addition amount, the looseness of the powder coating, that is, the fluidity of the dry powder, is good, but when the addition amount is too much, the appearance of the coating film will be affected. In order to make the anti-caking agent (releasing agent) uniformly dispersed, one method is to use a quantitative feeder to add the anti-caking agent (releasing agent) in the powder coating manufacturing process during the fine grinding process; the other method is to use Add anti-caking agent (releasing agent) to powder coating products by mixing with double cone type, V-shaped or barrel-shaped mixer.


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