Introduction of anti-mildew agent BJ-85

2021-11-06   Pageview:619

Putty powder anti-mildew agent BJ-85 is a safe, broad-spectrum anti-bacterial anti-mildew agent for coating cellulose, gum powder, putty powder, diatomaceous earth, etc.











The vinyl polymer solution is mixed with 2% HNC He Si(OEt) s, which can bond well with steel or aluminum without the need of primer, and the coating has good resistance to salt spray and moisture.
Epoxy or polyacrylate ink mixed with 0.5%~1.0% (mass fraction) of HaN CgH, Si(OEt) 3 can effectively improve the adhesion to glass. After the coating is cured, even if it is immersed in boiling washing Does not fall off in the agent.
Polyurethane coatings have outstanding abrasion resistance, but moisture intrusion can cause a rapid decrease in adhesion. If the substrate is primed with a silane coupling agent first, the above drawbacks can be avoided. In order to improve the adhesion of epoxy and polyurethane coatings to various substrates, best paraffin wax silane coupling agents can be directly incorporated into the coatings, or used as primers.

The role of silane coupling agent in treating mineral fillers for coatings
Adding mineral fillers to composite materials such as coatings can increase mechanical strength and control some special properties such as thermal expansion.
The organic silane coupling agent treats the filler, improves the surface performance of the filler, and brings organic groups on its surface, thereby increasing the wetting and dispersion of the filler, improving the storage stability of the coating, and appropriately increasing the amount of the filler. Will not increase the viscosity of the liquid resin after filling, thereby improving coating processing and coating processability.
The silane coupling agent can reduce the degradation of the resin under moisture after treating the filler. For example, polyester resin is filled with 0.5% (mass fraction) C Hz-CMe COO (CHa); Si COMe); the performance of the pre-treated filler is shown.


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