Features of 463 anti-mold agent for powder coating

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1, Highly efficient non-toxic, broad-spectrum bacteriostatic, long lasting anti-mold effect can reach 2 years, can kill and inhibit various microorganisms, mold and algae.
2, Wide range of application, PH value in 2-12 on the sterilization effect are not affected.
3, Good compatibility, no need to add other anti-mildew agent.














Hinder the synthesis of esters
This is a brand-new mechanism of action that has only been discovered in recent years. This mechanism of action was discovered while studying the mechanism of action of “Fuji No. 1”. Some fungicides have little effect on protein-based respiration, but have a hindering effect on the capture of acetate groups. Their point of action is to inhibit the ester-like synthesis system of bacteria to achieve antibacterial purposes. Recently, ptfe wax quality the Japanese Institute of Physics and Chemistry found that Daisen and thiram belong to this mechanism.

Block photosynthesis
The anti-algae agent achieves the anti-algae effect by blocking photosynthesis.
Section 3 The main genus of spoilage and mildew and
Its minimum inhibitory concentration MIC
According to reports [, the main microorganisms that cause paint spoilage are Gram-negative bacteria, especially the genus Aerobacter and Pseudomonas. Table 10-1 shows the main bacterial genera that cause the spoilage of emulsions and paints. Table 10-2 shows the main bacterial genera that cause dry film mildew. The main bacterial genera that cause spoilage and mildew vary in different regions.
Only when the active components of the preservatives and antifungal agents are higher than the minimum inhibitory concentration MIC, can effective protection be achieved. A well-matched active component has a synergistic effect. It is generally believed that when the MIC is greater than 500mg/kg , The antiseptic and antifungal agent is not effective for the microorganisms.


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