The role of anti-mold epoxy floor paint

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Anti-mold epoxy floor paint can inhibit the growth of mold because the anti-mold agent can denature the protein of mold, or interfere with the genetic mechanism of mold, cell membranes, cell internal enzyme activity, etc., to achieve the effect of killing mold.












UV light-curing coating matting agent: UV light-curing coating matting agent is the main variety of radiation-curing coatings, with a wide range of applications. It does not contain volatile organic solvents, the drying time is short, and the wet film shrinks very little after drying. It is difficult to make matting with the original matting agent, and the surface-treated matting agent may cause “foam stabilization” effect, affecting the transparency of the coating film and even the appearance. The recently developed RAD2005 and 2105 by Grace Company solve this problem well. The average particle size of these two types of matting agents is small (the Malvern method is 4.5-6pm), the pore volume is small, and the actual measured value is only 0.9mL/g, and the surface treatment agent (wax) content is as high as 15%-20%, but it will not Causes “stabilizing foam” and high extinction efficiency. UV55C and UV70C developed by INEOS are also specially used for UV light curing coatings. Degussa’s OK500 and OK520 are also suitable for UV light-curing coatings.

The domestic synthetic silica matting agent has a history of more than ten years. Most of the precipitated silica is pulverized by a flat jet mill. Aerogel matting agents have been on the market in 1989, but the technology has not improved much and the output has shrunk. In recent years, although some manufacturers have tried production, the products have high impurity content and unstable performance, paraffin wax emulsion benefits which can only be used in medium and low-grade coatings.

The production base of silica gel and precipitated silica in my country is relatively good, and the production capacity of adsorbed desiccant silica gel and ordinary precipitated silica is very large, and the supply is far greater than demand. The prices of both are hovering at the low level, and the profit margin is narrow. Even so, some factories are still expanding their scale in order to reduce costs and strive to win the competition. If the above-mentioned two product manufacturers can produce high-quality matting agents, profits will rise substantially. The key is the source of technology. The negotiation of introducing technology through joint ventures has not been successful for many years. It is still necessary to have R&D and application professionals to participate in the continuous pursuit of technological innovation. It is impossible to compete with large foreign companies simply by imitating.


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