Characteristics of EL-9070 adhesion promoter

2021-11-19   Pageview:590

1, Improve the adhesion of coating and metal, glass and other substrates.
2, Improve the water resistance and salt resistance of coating film.
3, It is especially suitable for single-component acrylic self-drying glass coatings and inks.















When choosing the UV absorber, according to the requirements for the appearance and durability of the coating film, select a variety that can meet the performance requirements of the coating film. In order to make the weather resistance better, UV absorbers and antioxidants are used together. Ciba’s antioxidants include 168, 626, 1010, and 1076; composite antioxidants include 13215, 13900 and so on. At present, it is mainly used in weather-resistant powder coatings.

Plasticizers and tougheners
The plasticizer is filled between the adjacent polymer compound segments to increase polytetrafluoroethylene powder buy the distance and weaken the mutual force, thereby reducing the tendency of brittleness and fracture. For plasticizers containing polar groups, it can be combined with The polar groups of the polymer act to transfer the force between the polymer molecular segments and reduce the glass transition temperature. Adding plasticizers can lower the glass transition temperature of the polymer and enhance the polymer’s physical properties such as flexibility, impact strength and elongation.
Plasticizer requirements have good compatibility with the resin; good chemical stability, temperature, light, water and chemical resistance; good electrical insulation and flame retardancy; wetting of pigments and fillers Good sex, non-toxic, cheap, and abundant sources.

Plasticizers can be divided into ester plasticizers, chlorinated hydrocarbon plasticizers and others. Ester plasticizers can be further subdivided into phthalate, phosphate, sebacate and epoxy esters. The advantages of phthalate plasticizers are good compatibility with resins, obvious plasticizer effects, low volatility, and their cold resistance increases with the growth of alcohol carbon chains, and they have good yellowing resistance. sex. The advantage of sebacate plasticizers is that it has good cold resistance and can be used to plasticize food contact materials. The plasticizing effect is obvious, and the volatilization rate is low. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive. The advantage of phosphate plasticizers is resistance. It has good combustion performance. Tricresol phosphate has anti-mildew properties and good electrical properties. The disadvantage is that it is easier to turn yellow, and has poor light resistance and heat aging properties.


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