Can polyethylene wax be used in rubber?

2021-05-28   Pageview:1649

In order to obtain better performance, certain rubber processing aids such as polyethylene wax, montan wax, etc. need to be added in the rubber processing.

Polyethylene wax has different functions in different processes of rubber processing respectively: PE wax can enhance the diffusion of filler in rubber processing, increase the extrusion rate, and the flow of the mold and facilitate the demoulding.

1,  Rubber refining: plasticizing and blending. Plastic refining is defined as reducing molecular weight, increasing plasticity, improving processing performance, and making plastic refining rubber that meets the requirements of plasticity. The definition of mixing is to mix and disperse the rubber and compounding agent evenly to make mixing rubber, using equipment such as openers, compactors and extruders.

2, Calendering: It can make pure film, patterned film and the cover rubber of skeleton materials such as cord fabric, canvas, copper-plated steel cord fabric (paste rubber, rubbing rubber).

3, Extrusion: Continuous extrusion of semi-finished products with different sections such as rubber tubes, profiles, rubber strips, rubber sheets, etc. through different mouth shapes for molding and direct vulcanization.

PE wax in rubber processing can enhance the dispersion of filler, progress in kneading molding rate, and increase the flow of the mold, easy demolding, improve the surface gloss of the product.

PE wax can also be used as a processing modifier, plastics and elastomers, ink paste polisher, paper coating and candles. PE wax often plays a superb role in flooring paint anti-sedimentation, the structure is made of ethylene and other monomers under high pressure by the free radical poly all reaction, but also can be made by degradation method reaction production. Polyethylene wax as a lubricant, its chemical stability, electrical function is good, PE wax is increasingly used in the work.


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