What are closed type acid catalysts?

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Strong acid catalysts can catalyze curing reactions from room temperature. Strong acid catalysts can also be treated with organic amines or polymers of amines for containment, after which the acid catalyst is called a closed acid catalyst.














In the coating, after adding an anti-skid agent and coating and curing, the anti-skid agent can slightly protrude on the surface of the coating film, in a micro-relief type (or micro-pattern shape), and mechanically give the coating film surface appropriate roughness. The number of bonding contact points between it and the second surface is increased, and the friction and coefficient of friction are increased, thereby hindering or resisting the sliding of the second surface on it, and achieving the anti-slip effect. The coating film is required to have a certain degree of slip resistance even when the surface is wet (with water or oil).

After the non-slip coating is coated and cured to form a film, the coating surface will show many tiny concave and convex points. The coating film can still maintain a certain anti-slip performance.

Because of the lack of authoritative regulations and the complexity of the conditions of use, it is difficult to establish an applicable standard for the friction coefficient of non-slip coatings. Therefore, the coating industry in various countries has few special anti-skid standards for anti-skid coatings, and my country has not formulated anti-skid standards. Many international coatings organizations recommend that the minimum friction coefficient should not be less than 0.5 on a level ground, and on an inclined surface, the minimum friction coefficient must be greater than 0.8. The American Disability Regulations (Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA) stipulates that the minimum friction coefficient of the import and export roads is 0.6, and the slope is 0.8. The author believes that this is the minimum requirement for pavement to ensure anti-skid safety. The minimum friction internal lubricant for pp coefficient requirements are also different under different conditions of use, such as ships, ship decks, high-voltage power transmission towers, microwave towers and other applications where safety is the first priority, the minimum friction coefficient should be increased. In the United States, the ADA stipulates that the friction coefficient of anti-skid coatings is limited to 0.85 to 1.20 on typical and special pedestrian and industrial roads under dry and wet conditions. Table 13-3 lists the friction coefficient values ​​of some ground materials.


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