Polyethylene wax (PE wax) for PVC products

2021-08-04   Pageview:960

Polyethylene wax (PE wax) products for PVC products are mainly used in the production and processing of PVC products such as PVC pipes, profiles, plates, sheets and wires and cables, with the following characteristics.

1,  It is used as dispersant, lubricant and brightening agent in the process of PVC products molding and processing.

2, It can provide excellent anti-adhesive and flow control in the processing of PVC products.

3, No adverse effect on physical properties of PVC products, compared with fatty acid-based lubricants, it will not bring adverse effect on melt tension and Vicat softening point.

4, Good compatibility, the product has very strong polar center and long non-polar carbon chain, the part of the structure which is compatible with plastic in polarity plays the role of internal lubrication, and the part which is incompatible with plastic in polarity plays the role of external lubrication and mold release.

5, Controllable melting time, the compound wax can be used in special processing methods to control the melting, even if the amount of addition is large, it can have good compatibility with other components.

6, Low volatility, because of the high softening point of this product, it is not easy to volatilize, this characteristic is very important for the process of calendering and vacuum degassing.

Advantages of pe wax for pvc pipe

1, High softening point, low viscosity, high molecular weight and low heat loss.

2, With strong external lubrication, more delayed plasticization and lower torque compared with ordinary conventional polyethylene wax.

3, With easy dispersion and improve the gloss of products.

4, Good compatibility, anti-precipitation.

5, Good demoulding property, better metal stripping property, long continuous production time.

6, Good post heat stability, no oligomer, paraffin, etc. No precipitation, no migration.

7, Environmental protection, passed ROHS, heavy metal testing.


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