Fischer-Tropsch Synthetic Wax Applied To Hot Melt Adhesive

2023-05-04   Pageview:130

Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax is used in hot melt adhesives. The crude wax, one of coal-based synthetic oil series products, is the raw material for refined Fischer-Tropsch wax series products. Through advanced extraction and rectification technology, Fischer-Tropsch synthetic crude wax can be further separated Cut to produce a series of Fischer-Tropsch synthetic waxes. Domestic Fischer-Tropsch synthetic waxes are generally named according to the dropping melting point, and the main product models are 60, 70, 95, 100, 105, 110, and 115.

Application of Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax in hot melt adhesive:
Wax is the most effective regulator of hot melt adhesive properties. The melting point and crystallinity of the wax added to the hot melt adhesive control the initial solidification temperature and curing time of the hot melt adhesive, and at the same time, affect the plasticity and tensile properties of the hot melt adhesive. Fischer-Tropsch waxes with low viscosity properties can reduce polymer and resin viscosity, facilitate efficient mixing of resins and pumping of hot melt adhesives.

The advantages of Tianshi Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax:
1. Without any pollution and smell, it can be directly used in the hot melt adhesive industry where food is in contact.
2. It has a higher freezing point, which can improve the heat resistance of hot melt adhesives.
3. The needle penetration is small, which can improve the strength of the hot melt adhesive.
4. The carbon distribution range is relatively narrow, the opening time is relatively short, and the curing time is short.

Commonly used synthetic waxes for hot melt adhesives include PE wax and Fischer-Tropsch wax. Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax is a saturated linear alkane molecular structure with high melting point and high hardness. Compared with PE wax, Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax has a narrow melting range and good weather resistance. Fast-setting hot melt adhesive.


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