Sasolwax Spray 105G-EF Introduction

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Sasolwax Spray 105G-EF by Sasol is a high melting, high performance, Fischer-Tropsch extra fine micronized wax with excellent rub resistance, slip performance and good gloss. It is available as white powder. It has straight chain of hydrocarbons, a low viscosity, an excellent hardness and is stable. It has been developed specifically for applications where high rub resistance is required. It is resistant to most printing ink solvents and may be used as a high performance additive in most solvent-based printing inks. Because of a higher surface tension than Sasolwax Spray 30, this product may be overprinted with most commercial UV varnishes and is therefore applicable for use in lithographic sheet fed and heat set inks. Sasolwax Spray 105G-EF is also used in powder coatings, oil-based wood and metal coatings. It complies with FDA & BGA.














The resin has good electrostatic properties. It can not only be coated with corona discharge electric high-voltage electrostatic powder spray gun, but also can be coated with friction electrostatic spray gun; the powder coating has good coating adaptability, and it can be coated with fluidized bed and flame. Spraying, air spraying and other coating methods for construction.

The types of ring gas resins used in epoxy powder coatings include double-powder type A epoxy resin, phenolic modified epoxy resin, hydrogenated or brominated bisphenol A epoxy resin, cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, and cycloaliphatic shrinkage. Glyceryl ether type epoxy resin, cycloaliphatic glycerin type epoxy resin, etc., among which powder coatings are the most used bisphenol A type epoxy resin, followed by phenolic modified epoxy resin.
Bisphenol A cyclic resin is obtained by dechlorination of bis A and oxirane under alkali catalysis. There are two specific manufacturing methods, one is a one-step method, and the other is a two-step method. The following briefly introduces the specific manufacturing process.

One-step method:
Epoxy paper inner alkane
Two-step method:
Low-molecular-weight liquid epoxy resin double-turned A-catalyzed pe wax ac 6 medium and high-resolution ring atmosphere
The one-step synthesis method uses epichlorohydrin and bisphenol A as the main raw materials to synthesize solid epoxy resin through a one-step polycondensation method.

The process flow of one-step synthesis of epoxy resin is shown in Figure 41. One-step epoxy resin synthesis methods include water washing method, solvent method, suspension method and interfacial polycondensation method. Among them, the water washing method and the floating agent method are more commonly used. The water washing method is After dissolving Shuangyou A and sodium hydroxide aqueous solution in the autoclave, they are sent to the reaction, and under certain temperature conditions, the epoxy chloride internal combustion is quickly added at one time. Control the exothermic reaction.

After the reaction is completed, let the resin and alkali moisture layer. After absorbing the upper alkaline water, it is washed with boiling water to remove the residual alkali and by-product salts in the resin, and then dehydrated under normal pressure and reduced pressure to obtain the product. The solvent method has greatly improved the post-treatment in the above method. Adding organic solvents after standing and layering to absorb the stored water significantly improves the washing effect. After washing, the water is filtered to remove mechanical impurities and gel particles, so that the product quality is significantly improved, and the solvent can be recycled and reused. The advantage of the formulation method is that the product is light in color, contains less impurities, and has a good feeling; the disadvantage is that the manufacturing process is better than the water washing method.


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